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Nothing Beats Rockport Fishing in May!

Article by Capt. Charlie Newton & Capt. Aerich Oliver


The Texas heat has already been atrocious and the summer promises to be even hotter. What really sounds good is a beautiful town called Rockport, TX. Rockport is located on the Gulf of Mexico, just 33 miles north of busy Corpus Christi. Reeling in a big redfish then relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach with waves tickling your toes is paradise! Rockport boasts the only Blue Wave certified beach in Texas which carries the highest cleanliness standards. All of this and more can come true if you come to Rockport and book a fishing trip with us, Redfish Charters, we are easy to find on the web at: www.redfishcharters.com

Weekends Fill Up Fast!! 

Beverly, my wife, will be happy to set up a day or two that will meet your busy schedule. She can also give you hotel accommodation numbers, restaurant suggestions, and other local information if needed. Rockport has just about any kind of fun to meet any budget, big or small. There are lots of interesting and fun places to go and see such as historical landmarks, art galleries, boutique shopping and more. There are several places you can fish from the banks, wade fish, pier fish, or we would prefer you to charter a redfishing trip of a lifetime with me Capt. Charlie or my grandson Capt. Aerich Oliver.

Call Us to Reserve: 361-729-8220!!

Our website has all the prices, loads of information you need, a lot of pictures of happy customers, and a picture of our boat lovingly dubbed, "the fishing machine". We all have a blast catching these beauty reds, trout, drum, and flounder. We offer full or half day rates. Check us out!

We provide all the bait that we usually catch ourselves so itís really fresh and frisky, along with the rod & reels. Some enjoy watching us catch the bait, cast netting is definitely an art. Then we go fishing, we leave the dock at 7:30am and come back around 2:30pm on a full day trip, or we come in at noon on a half day trip - you decide which suits your needs.
Half-Day & Full Day Trips Offered, Year Round!!

We go to some of our favorite fishing holes and we will help you by baiting your hook and casting it into some of our secret spots. We can usually see the sand holes with our trained eyes and will point them out to you. After the bait is in the water the rod is placed into a the holder...once the fish decides to have a meal on your hook itís up to you to bring that guy to the boat - you'd better hang on tight for that fight! We're always there to assist and provide directions, novice and experienced anglers are both welcomed on board.

Families with Children - Always Welcome!!

Sometimes it is fun to watch the pole bend so hard the tip is almost in the water, and the pressure on the rod is so heavy that itís very difficult to get the rod out of the holder. At that point itís a battle of fisherman-woman-or child against the redfish. Hopefully you win and he goes into the cooler if the fish is of legal limit in size, but sometimes the fish wins and swims away.

Redfish go by many names - red drum, puppy drum, channel bass, or spot tail bass - whatever you call them they all spell FUN and plenty of it year round in Rockport. Redfish are members of the drum family and rightly so, they make a distinct drumming sound with their air bladder. Redfish and trout can be found all over the areas of water we fish in daily. One look at the redfish and you know itís built for brute strength. With the blunt face and broad-shouldered look, itís a fish with a fight even before itís hooked. Unlike the speckled trout with the long, sleek look and ability to throw hooks right out of their mouth, the redfish is honed to test your tackle and strength.

The Redfish RULES the Flats!!

The waters between Rockport, Aransas Pass, Ingleside and over to Port Aransas are the areas we fish the most. We keep looking and move multiple times until we find where the reds are hanging out. Some days they are definitely easier to locate than others. We will move the boat and re-anchor as many times as it takes to find the redfish. On our trip you might catch some other species of fish like black drum, flounders, trout and sometimes even small sharks. They all swim in the same waters. We call all the other species except the redfish bonus fish, because 34 years ago we named our business ďRedfish ChartersĒ for that very reason, we love to find, catch and eat redfish.

Anyway you spell ďREDFISHĒ it spells FUN to catch and eat. We are professional Captains licensed by the United States Coast Guard and Texas Parks & Wildlife. I have had my licenses for 33 years, Capt. Aerich has been in my boat since he was four and actively deckhanding for me since he was 10 years of age. He took and passed the classes when he was 17 then was able to activate his Captains license shortly after his 18th birthday, he graduates this year and will be pursuing his dream of being a full time Captain & guide and eventually will be taking over Redfish Charters.
Call Us to Reserve: 361-729-8220!!

These next few months are fantastic months for catching redfish and enjoying the heat outside and cool bay waters. The bigger beaches in Port Aransas and Corpus are only minutes away from us. If you are planning on a vacation, whether it be a weekend or a weekday, plan on putting a dayís fishing trip or two into your schedule. We love to take kids in the boat and do what we call "ruining them" by making them love fishing so much they are ready to come back over and over again.

Capt. Aerich and myself both enjoy either teaching first timers or fishing with people that are very experienced. Either way, it is fun to catch redfish, we love to put smiles on your faces. We truly think thatís what it is all about. Capt. Aerich definitely has a gift of knowing how to fish and loving people.

Reserve Now: 361-729-8220



from Capt. Ryan Rock

USCG Licensed Fishing Guide


With spring in full swing the water is heating up and the tides are heavily flowing. The average wind speed in the spring is higher than summer, fall, or winter but with a little practice you can learn to use that to your advantage. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because you can catch good stringers of mixed species and catch high quality fish in good numbers. Redfish and big trout will often hang out together in shallow flats along sand bars and drop offs and good numbers of trout can be caught in channels and deeper flats. When spring comes I like to use popping corks with live shrimp while drifting the flats near channels, spoil islands, and sandbars. If you are looking for variety stick with the live shrimp. Look for scared bait and birds working the water and make long drifts. When you catch a keeper fish remember the depth, and type of structure the fish was holding to then try to re-create that scenario.

Drift fishing is a great method during the spring or any time you haven't been on the water in a while because it allows you to cover a lot of water and find schools of fish. Use a drift sock and a trolling motor to help control your drift speed and direction. When first starting your drift you need to look at where you want to drift and line up with it using the wind direction and your GPS. You want your drift line to hit as much structure as possible. Good examples are pot holes/ sand holes, sand bars, grass lines, rocks (don't drift over shallow rocks), ledges/ drop offs, etc. When I'm about to start a drift I always go slow with my outboard until I am about a 100yds away from where I want to fish then I use my trolling motor to get to the spot quickly but quietly. If you just pull into a spot going wide open throttle you are likely to scare fish in shallow water. Every time you catch a fish you can quickly mark the spot on your GPS and you will form a pattern on the fish as the day goes on creating a snowball effect.

Long casts are always crucial while drift fishing. The person that cast the furthest and closest to structure will usually catch the most and the biggest fish. Make sure that your popping cork leader is at a good depth. I always hear people say to keep your popping cork leader between 12 and 24 inches and that's not a bad rule of thumb but in all reality the water depth, current, and fish dictate your leader length. Often times I use a 4-5' leader to get to deep rocks or when fishing in channels with heavy current. Unless I'm fishing in very shallow water I will almost always use a split shot on my leader about 6 inches above the hook. This is important in deep water to keep your bait from swimming/ getting pulled up but it is also important because it allows your shrimp to swim around a little bit to attract fish but not move well enough evade fish. I've seen shrimp on a popping cork jump out of the water repeatedly to avoid being eaten.


As a native to the Texas Coastal Bend,

I've been fishing since I was old enough to hold a pole! 

I love life and the great outdoors too! 


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Let's Go Have a

"Rock'n Good Time!!


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Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!




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