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September 2016 Featured Article



September Redfish FEST, or

should I say "FEAST"
By Capt. Lanny Phillips    USCG Licensed Fishing Captain

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Hello To Everyone,
As I am writing this 2016 September Article my mind goes back to all the Fall Red fish Runs I have fished the last 30 years and they all bring a smile to my face. In comparison they are all the same just different dates and different years. For instance they are all about spotting schools of Reds, catching limits, and also, putting smiles on people's faces. In the remaining paragraphs I will try to bring those stories to life as they were on the days they happened. Hopefully it will spark images of you with your family and friends on similar trips...Memories...what it is all about...Priceless!!!




Well, lets begin with a fishing trip from October 2011 and continue forward to show you how the years change , but not the "Prime Time Red Fishing Times". What memories these have been. I have been informing you the past few weeks and years of the "Prime Time Red Fish Time" that is comes in the Fall. Well.....IT'S Coming...It's right around the corner... Please Book a trip!!!! I grant you nothing is guaranteed, but death and taxes, and it is called "Fishing not Catching", but the "Coastal Bend Fall Season" is one of the best times of the year to catch limits of Reds.


Check out the photos accompanying this September Article below:


The largest Red Fish the lady is standing next to actually measures a whooping 31-1/2". There are 7 more fish on the hooks and one of those is 29 1/2 inches. The smallest of the 8 they caught was 26 inches. Big, nice, healthy, fish to say the least. The very next day I went back to the same area by myself. Within the first 5 cast I had 4 oversize Reds...3 of them were 32", 32-1/2", and one was 33"...and they were all being released immediately after caught.  After my customers caught these fish, I traveled down the bank a couple miles, found more schools of Reds, caught a few on different baits, went back to the original spot... used different bait again... and caught 2 more!  It was fantastic and all together we have a total of 12 fish in about an hour and a half. All but three were released. With the fish hitting live piggies, live mullet, and shrimp, I knew I had found the right area using the right baits.


Does it always...always happen like this..."No"!  But the good thing, "NO" the great thing about the South Texas Fall is if you see the chance, take it.  You'll find other school just down the way. The other photos that accompany this Article are from previous schools that I have found previously that same week and a great guide knows how to "scout-around" for those schools!  There are better than average trips throughout the fall and I can hardly wait to take my customers into these schools as their "professional fishing scout"! 


I promise I'll give you 120%  of Pure Fishing Excitement!

Also, fishing for schooling "spotted tails" in the shallow water can be absolutely a fun time and if they are "tailing" (the Red Fish's tail is out of the water and the head is down foraging for food) it can be unbelievable catching.



One more important aspect I'd like to touch-upon, is that in order to understand how to find these schools of Redfish, it is important to understand why they migrate to the Gulf each year. They are born in the back marshes/estuaries and reach their sexual maturity at the 3rd, or 4th year. Once they reach 28 to 32 inches they move into the Gulf spending the remainder of their lives in deep, open waters. With that being said their movement is influenced by tides and water temperature. During the Fall (usually mid August to mid October and especially during stormy weather), large adult Red Drum move to the Gulf beaches to spawn. These giant Reds can be caught from the surf and from piers and this "run" usually is call the "Bull Redfish Run".  One to four feet of water is the preferred depth along edges of submerged vegetation such as Seagrass. Even though Reds are found in all types of bottoms, they prefer the soft mud. It is my experience that the smaller fish, (those that are below the Bull Red category), began their seasonal movement/migration from mid September to after Thanksgiving each year. 


What is incredible is the "bronze bombers" can live in fresh water also. When it comes to tackle what you might consider using are the following:
-7 1/2 foot medium to heavy action American Rod Smith rods
-30 # Power Pro Line, or 15 pound Big Game Trilene
-6 aught hooks
-30 pound leaders
-SPRO #4 swivels
-Power Bubbles
-Abu Garcia 5500C3
-Abu Garcia Spin Cast 604A

As I say "So long for now", I want to thank you for reading this article and I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading them as I do writing them.  Yes, it was an incredible summer and I look forward to taking you out to catch some of these Bull Reds this fall so give me a call!  I truly believe that God has a plan for us all - including the fish and the animals and the planet as a whole. The Bull Redfish Run is just one example. Are the Reds Schooling should be the question? Once the "Run" starts it doesn't stop until the end of November most years and of course, God does not make mistakes. Priceless!!!

Please contact us and "lets go catch you some memories"!

Thank you,
Captain Lanny Phillips


Call: 432-349-0353

 Visit: www.tigernetfishguideservice.com

Come & Experience Adventure with Tigernet Guide Service!






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